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What is Included in Office Cleaning?

What is Included in Office Cleaning?

If you’re looking to invest in office cleaning for your business, you might be wondering what’s included in office cleaning services. Office cleaning entails a wide range of services depending on what you require and the level of cleaning required by your premises. While office cleaning services differ slightly between different commercial office cleaning companies, the basics stay the same. 

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

Our daily office cleaning involves cleaning the reception area, restrooms, and kitchen or pantry areas. It includes basic vacuuming, mopping, and dusting to keep the office clean.

Office and reception area:

  • Empty garbage and recycling.
  • Sweep or vacuum and mop hard floor surfaces.
  • Dust furniture and office equipment (including work areas, seats, tables and computers).
  • Disinfect all hard surfaces.
  • Clean the glass windows and the entrances inside.

Bathrooms or restrooms:

  • Refill paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap.
  • Disinfect toilets and urinals.
  • Clean mirrors, windows and glass.
  • Disinfect bathroom surfaces (including entry handles, and towel or hand dryer accessories).
  • Mop tiles and flooring.

Kitchen or pantry:

  • Empty garbage and recycling.
  • Wipe down counter tops, sinks, tables and chairs.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances.
  • Refill kitchen towels, dish washing liquid and hand soap.
  • Mop kitchen floors.

Weekly Office Cleaning Tasks

Our weekly cleaning checklist is a bit of a deeper clean compared to our everyday cleaning items.

  • Polish all hard floor surfaces.
  • Clean the exterior surfaces of the glasses.
  • Sanitize and deep clean refrigerators, microwaves and other kitchen appliances.
  • Disinfect consoles and telephones.
  • Vacuum clean mats and carpets.
  • Scrub sinks and tiles in restrooms and kitchen area.

Monthly Office Cleaning Tasks

These monthly office cleaning tasks are done every 4-6 weeks.

  • Vacuum vents and office furniture material.
  • Clean the window covers.
  • Dust and disinfect hard-to-reach or covered places (i.e., along the highest points of windows, cabinets, ceiling fans, etc.).
  • Polish any wooden furniture and hardwood surfaces.
  • Organize and declutter office drawers and wardrobes and discard useless papers and files.

Invest in Professionals

When you hire Commercial Cleaning Vaughan for your office cleaning, you can always expect professional and quality work. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. You can expect:

  1. Detailed planning and execution. We will go over your requirements and create a customized action plan to meet your needs.
  2. Adherence to strict procedures and protocols. We are a reliable company that follows regulations and procedures. You safety and health comes first.
  3. Progress tracking and report statement after each procedure. Our company is completely transparent and we have monitoring options for our clients.
  4. Supplies and equipment. At Commercial Cleaning Vaughan, we have all our own commercial equipment and supplies.
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